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IBM Power6 Server Systems

New or IMB MAQ-certified refurbished Power6 server systems for businesses

We have several IBM Power6 Systems for sale in both new and certified refurbished* formats. They are all designed to help deliver more power and enhanced features for your business’ computing needs. The IBM Power6 models are a considerable upgrade to the Power5 system and AS/400 systems, thanks largely in part to how they execute instructions in order. It also maintains ViVA-2 (Virtual Vector Architecture), which allows the combination of several IBM Power6 nodes to act as a single vector processor. Modified software is not required to gain more efficiency or performance.

The primary function of the IBM Power6 is to converge the IBM’s server hardware as part of the eCLipz project. It is based on a 64-bit dual core processor for noticeably faster speeds. The Power6 is ideal for combining AIX, IBM iSeries, and Linux clients on a single server.

Designs and Featured Capabilities:

There are eight different IBM power systems with the Power6 technology. Each has its own advantages for small to large businesses, especially for transactional power.

IBM 9407-M15 – Single-core refurbished iSeries server that supports 5 users to simultaneously use computing power up to 4GB memory. Compatible with RAID and Ethernet communication.

IBM-9407-M25 – Express server compatible with V6R1 and V7R1 IBM operating systems and delivering up to 8300CPW. Supports 564GB disk storage with a total of 4GB memory for five users.

IBM 8203-E4A – Comes in three servers modifications starting with a dual supply unit delivering up to 4200CPW with an internal memory capacity of 800GB. Offers RAID capabilities with Ethernet port communication. Deluxe unit delivers up to 15,600CPW for a powerful network.

IBM 8204-E8A – Refurbished scalar server systems start with powerful processing of 10,600CPW and offers 4GB memories and disk space up to 564GB. Compatible with Ethernet cabling features that saves your expanding business money. Deluxe systems can deliver up to an astonishing 37,950CPW.

If you need help selecting the right IBM Power6 server for your business, contact one of our experienced technicians. Performance Data Resources can also assist with installation, data migration, license transfer, and product maintenance. Get a complimentary price quote from our experts today.

*Note: All our refurbished IBM power systems are IBM MAQ certified.