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IBM Power 8

IBM’s newest product, the Power8 System, is a set of super scalar symmetric multiprocessors that allows state of the art value by capturing and analyzing data in an integrated view. The product is design optimized for Linux based cloud and cluster deployments. The IBM P8 offers different designs for various computing needs, such as the S812LC and the S822LC, allowing consumers to choose and customize their purchase to meet their unique needs. Based on the Power Architecture, the designs are available for licensing under the Open Power Foundation making it one of IBM’s most available high-end processors with an endless amount of computing features. Its enhancements from previous designs make it an innovative model for high quality, maximized performance. IBM Power8 provides a savvy computing technology platform directed towards deploying big data technologies and organizing and analyzing data for your business needs in a quick and efficient manner. In the digital era, IBM Power8 is the most effective technological platform for data performance.


The IBM Power System S812LC compiles an integration of information across various sources. Its optimization for big data application built with Spark and Hadoop, with its economical price and high quality performance, is a great choice for business minded consumers

The IBM Power System S822LC is specialized for commercial computing. It offers cloud economics to enterprises and Managed Service Providers with high efficiency and quality performance. It also supports on-premise, hybrid cloud, or custom data centers making it highly flexible while providing a platform that integrates an assortment of environments.

The IBM Power System S822LC provides high performance computing, as well as providing leading accelerators for compute, fabric, and storage from Open Power foundation members. It delivers acceleration built into the system vid the Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI) which allow it to closely integrate the accelerators with the Power8 processor.

Additionally, the high end Enterprise E870 and E880 can accommodate up to 8 and 16 Power8chips, with the E880 combining its 16 Power8 chips with its 192 CPU cores.

IBM Power8 is designed to be a largely multi threaded chip with a highly capable processor, making use of very large amounts of bandwidth memory. Power8 removes the previous GX ++ bus design for external communication and replaces it with the CAPI port to provide a more efficient experience. It also contains an on-chip controller (OCC) which is a power and thermal management micro controller used to manage Power8’s operating frequency, voltage, memory bandwidth, and thermal control for both the processor and memory.


The IBM Power8 core has developed more efficient features and specifications than previous models. It has a larger issue queue with 4x16 entries, improved branch predictors and can handle twice as many cache misses. Power8 also has added support for hardware transnational memory, and it is estimated that each core is 1.6 times fast as the Power7 model in single threaded operations.

The newly produced IBM Power8 system processor proves to be one of the most technologically savvy and business efficient products on the market. Its developed enhancements and central infrastructure allows it to provide maximized performance, with systems specifically designed for data and business-critical applications.