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IBM Power8 iSeries Servers

Fast, reliable technology solutions with IBM Power8 superscalar server systems

To keep up with changing demands, companies need reliable servers. Performance Data Resources now offers IBM Power8 models as a competitive multiprocessor solution. The Power8 system offers state-of-the-art technology, which allows it to capture and analyze data with the ability to integrate an assortment of environments. Simply put, in today’s digital era, the IBM Power8 is the most effective technological platform for business data performance.

This advanced server system is designed for Linux-based cloud and cluster deployment. It also supports the S812LC and the S822LC variations to accommodate different computing needs. This allows our clients to get custom multiprocessor systems optimized specifically for their purposes.

The IBM Power8 offers a savvy computing technology platform directed towards deploying big data technologies as well as organizing and analyzing data for your business’ needs in a quick and efficient manner. The IBM Power8 core has developed more efficient features and specifications than previous models. It has a larger issue queue with 4x16 entries, improved branch predictors and can handle twice as many cache misses. Power8 also has added support for hardware transnational memory, and it is estimated that each core is 1.6 times fast as the Power7 model in single threaded operations. These features make a big difference for all types of offices, large call centers, and retail store environments.

Designs and Featured Capabilities:

IBM 8284-22A (S822) – This is a two-socket server ideal for businesses operating both UNIX and x86 Linux workloads. The IBM 8284 can consolidate these workloads into a single operating environment. The 12- or 20-core servers feature massive capabilities with multi-threaded processors for high-transaction environments.

IBM 8286-41A (S814) – This is a scalable IBM Power model that is available in either a 6-core system ideal for rack or tower configurations or the 8-core system that is only ideal for rack configurations. This single socket server has up I/O configuration flexibility, which makes this a versatile choice for modern businesses. It supports up to eight DDR3 CDIMM slots and comes with memory in 16, 23, or 64GB, with a top speed of 1600Mbps.

IBM 9119-MME Power8 (E870) – This IBM server system is a performance beast and is best used in large enterprise environments. Each individual processor core can operate up to eight threads simultaneously and dynamically shifts between SMT1, SMT2, SMT4, and SMT8 modes. With 64-bit and 80-bit options available, this IBM power8 model can operate up to 755,000 CPW and store up to 4 TB of memory without “breaking a sweat.”

You won’t be disappointed by upgrading from the IBM Power6 or Power7 series. Contact Performance Data Resources to learn more about the IBM iSeries Power8 models and get pricing for your business!