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IBM Power7 Servers

New and refurbished IBM Power6 server systems with speeds up to 25,500 CPW

Let the IBM iSeries Power7 superscalar symmetric multiprocessor server systems take on the challenge of your growing network. Power7 servers offer faster speeds and improved processing power compared to earlier releases and other AS400 processors.

When there’s a need for faster transactional power, the Power7 units do not disappoint. Available in 4- to 16-cores, the IBM Power7 server is a suitable upgrade for small to large businesses.

Designs and Featured Capabilities:

IBM 8202 E4B – Server with quad core up to 8GB memory for five users. Can be modified to support up to 32MB cache with a maximum output of 46300 CPW.

710 Express – Rack mountable server for improved accessibility supporting between 4, 6 and 8 cores and a maximum memory capacity of 64GB.

720 Express – Starting at 7100 CPW and offering up to 128GB memory capacity, this impressive server is perfect for expanding businesses and can be modified to support up to 8 cores.

730 Express – Available in 8, 12, or 16 power cores, this IBM iSeries Power7 server delivers amazing power performance at with peaks up to 25,500CPW and stores up to 128GB of memory.

740 Express – Power server that can store up to 256 GB of memory power in a single unit and delivers 25,500 CPW for great computing power.

Wield the control of these impressive refurbished iSeries server models that can be rack-mounted for space-saving advantages. Learn more about the IBM Power7 and get a price quote today!