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IBM AS400, iSeries, eServers & Equipment

New and refurbished IBM AS400 computer server systems and hardware

Performance Data Resources is the place to go for new and refurbished IBM AS400 equipment. The AS400, part of the powerful iSeries, offers integrated operating systems, databases and middleware built for businesses. It was initially designed to support multiple applications and processes with reliability, ensuring a high performance and integrated business service.

We recommend the AS400 computer systems for small to medium-sized companies for best results. We can custom-configure the system for your needs and or upgrade your current system on site. Products available for purchase include power cords, rack mounts, disk or storage expansion units, storage disks, and more.

IBM AS400 Selling Features:

  • Versatile servers that replace PC servers and Web Servers and is comparable with both Wintel and UNIX servers
  • Data warehousing
  • Java application development
  • Web and e-Commerce serving
  • Corporate groupware services
  • Large memory for company data
  • Individual units that hold up to 8 GB memory
  • Expandable and scalable unit capabilities
  • Available in 100, 200, 600, 700, and 800 iSeries systems
  • Compatible with Twinax controllers, terminals, and printers
  • Refurbished models are IBM MAQ certified

If you’re ready to expect and do more with your current operating system, upgrade to the IBM AS400 iSeries servers. We also carry IBM Power6, Power7, and Power8 systems for even more storage and capabilities. Contact the technicians at Performance Data Resources for pricing details.