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IBM 9119-MME Power8  AIX   (click for details)

IBM 9119-MME Power8 AIX (click for details)

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New IBM 9119-MME Power8 (E870) AIX Server is a performance beast, optimized for large enterprises with intensive database and transaction performance demands utilizing multithreaded applications. 64 or 80 core up to 755,000 CPW.  The 9119-MME can have up to 80 Power8 9119-MME 64-bit processor cores (10 Sockets, 4 Cores per Socket) delivering performance of 856 AIX rPerf, has integrated PowerVM virtualization, Capacity on Demand, Power Enterprise Pools and many other features that make AIX server applications scream on the IBM E870 system. Each 9119-MME8 processor core can execute up to 8 threads simultaneously, delivering over 2x faster CPU speeds for multithreaded applications and can dynamical shift between SMT1, SMT2, SMT4, SMT8 modes on the fly. The IBM 9119-MME Power8 AIX System can have up to 800 logical/micro partitions, 4 TB of Memory (2 TB per system node) and 1843 TB of Disk Storage Capacity and includes a 3yr. hardware maintenance contract!


800-488-3255 for pricing & configuration assistance

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