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IBM InfoPrint 6500-v10, Ethernet, Refurbished

IBM InfoPrint 6500-v10, Ethernet, Refurbished

$ 2,995.00

Refurbished IBM 6500-v10, Line Matrix Printer, 1000 LPM, Internal Ethernet & IPDS.  A new Ultra Capacity ribbon with a 50 million character life .. Next generation cabinet and pedestal designs for increased appeal and user friendliness .. An intelligent ribbon system designed to maintain optimum print quality .. Proactive printer monitoring with the IBM Printer Management Utility High-performance Windows Printer Drivers ... Easier installation with the new Quick Setup Menu .. A faster printer control unit for improved processing of bar codes, graphics, and overlays .. A simplified product feature structure for ease of ordering.  90-day Warranty  (same as new)

The IBM InfoPrint 6500 model is a high quality, performance efficient printer design that is compatible with a wide spectrum of IBM systems, including IBM mainframes and parallel servers to PCs and enhanced features. Its model designs include v5P, v05, v1P, v10, v15, and v20, which are all EuroReady meaning the euro symbol is available to print. All of these designs offer outstanding features for optimal functioning and support.


IBM 6500 performs at print speeds of up to 2,000 lines per minute as well as providing a high-function operator interface for a premium technology-based system performance. Its new Quick Setup Menu allows easier installation. It also provides an ultra-capacity 50 M character life ribbon, which delivers the ability for the user to use a standard printer feature called Ribbonminderthat allows the user to specify a desired ribbon life end point. This feature is beneficial in reducing costly reprints and unacceptable output by taking advantage of the IBM 6500’s Intelligent Ribbon System, which maintains optimum print quality. The Intelligent Ribbon System ensures that the printer stops printing and alerts the appropriate operator when a new ribbon must be installed, automatically detecting when the new ribbon is added, and resetting.

Additionally, its new cabinet and pedestal designs make it an attractive option and user-friendly product for consumers. These models provide versatile, cost-effective print systems that can be attached via Ethernet wireless Ethernet Telnet, ASCII, coax, or twinax to diverse hosts such as theIBM server iSeries, zSeries, and pSeries serves, IBM PC and Netfinity servers, IBM-compatible PCs, non-IBM systems supporting the ASCII serial or parallel interface, and LANs. The 6500 offers proactive printer monitoring with IBM Printer Management Utility as well as high-performance Windows Printer Drivers. Its quicker printer control unit improves the processing of bar codes, graphics, and overlays.

The IBM 6500 printer model includes a variety of optional features as well. This includes a Wireless Ethernet options that offers wireless connectivity to the LAN, improving convenience and easy use. It also includes an optional Pullout Paper Tray that provides a feasible method for removing printed output from the printer. In addition, it provides a Power Stacker on its selected cabinet models, which increases paper stacking reliability and control.

The 6500 family includes models with maximum print speeds that range from 500 to 2,000 lines per minute with a number of features that allow you to customize your printer system for many applications and attachments. The IBM Printer Management Utility provides a database for the user to create master configurations and download them to multiple printers. The 6500 operates similar to the previous 6400 model with added enhancements and features that significantly improve the printer’s performance and capabilities. Overall, IBM’s printer system features offer a variety of models that elicit an array of high quality features guaranteed to make your printing experience more efficient and user-friendly.

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