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IBM 7208 Model 002, 2.3 GB External 8mm Tape Drive - Refurbished

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The IBM 7208-002 is a 2.3-GB external 8-mm tape drive. It provides additional function and enhancement capabilities to the Application System/400* (AS/400*) B, C, D, E, and F except D02 and E02 via the Removable Media Device Attachment feature (#2621). Alternate IPL is not supported on 9402-D04 and D06 and 9404 B, C, D10, and D20 models. Attachment to AS/400* 9406 B models is via Magnetic Storage Device feature (#2611) using RPQ 841990 and OS/400* Version 2 Release 2. Alternate IPL is not supported on 9406 B models.

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