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IBM 3490 Model F01 Tape Drive - Refurbished

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Refurbished IBM3490-F01 is a desk-side, low-priced 3490E tape library designed for the RS/6000* and AS/400* systems. The 3490E family remains a fast and reliable tape system. Included are a 10-cartridge enclosed autoloader, a 3490E tape transport capable of reading and writing 36-track and 18-track magnetic tape cartridges in uncompressed or compressed mode, a 16-bit, fas, SCSI-2 Differential Interface, and an integrated control unit.The 10-cartridge autoloader provides an automated, unattended backup capacity of up to 24GB in compressed mode, 8GB in uncompressed mode. Media capacity is 2.4GB in compressed mode, 800MB in uncompressed mode. IBM M.A.Q. (Maintenance)!.

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